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Jozef S. - October Winner Of $1,000 Board Game Sweepstakes!
"I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Unbox & Game, for their sweepstakes. I signed up, not thinking I'd win, just something to blow some money on. But they called me up only a couple months later, saying I won. It helped me obtain many of the games on my wishlist without me having to break the bank. Thank you so much, Unbox and Game! "
Jozef picked up the following games: One Night Ultimate, Bonus Roles, U.S. Telegraph, Dungeons & Dragons: Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Card Set, Core Set 2020 - Bundle, Core Set 2020 - Booster Pack (3), Core Set 2020 - Booster Box (1), Reef, One Night Ultimate Super Villains, Lost Cities Card Game with Expansion, Dungeons & Dragons: Xanathar`s Guide Spellbook Cards (Fifth Edition) (2017 Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Volo's Guide to Monsters Card Set, Dungeons & Dragons: Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Core Rulebooks Gift Set (Fifth Edition), Photosynthesis, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Elder Sign: Unseen Forces Expansion, Elder Sign: Omens of the Pharaoh Expansion, Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep Expansion, Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham Expansion, Dungeons & Dragons: Xanathars Guide to Everything (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Volo's Guide to Monsters (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: The Rise of Tiamat (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Out of the Abyss Adventure (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Adventure (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck (Fifth Edition), Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd Adventure (Fifth Edition), Azul, Elder Sign
Chris M. - September Winner Of $500 Board Game Sweepstakes!
"Like many others, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the sweepstakes, and even more so when I was told I had won. It was a surprise when I had heard that I won the sweepstakes but I was excited to have a $500 board game spending spree. I had a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted but I settled for some older games that I enjoyed as well as a mix of newer games. It was like my own little board game Christmas when they came in."
Chris picked up the following games: Splendor, Boss Monster + a few expansions, Lords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Sheriff of Nottingham, The Quest for El Dorado, Spirit Island, Sagrada, Marvel Contest of Champions: Battlerealm, Arkham Horror, Star Wars: Outer Rim, Black Angel, & Terraforming Mars.
Adam S. - August Winner Of $500 Board Game Sweepstakes!
"I was completely surprised when I received the phone call saying I won a Boardgame Sweepstakes. I hadn't even realized that I had entered, but I wasn't about to say no to $500 to spend on new games. I spent several days deciding what to buy, and when everything arrived it was like Christmas in September!"
"I have purchased: Lords of Waterdeep, Sagrada, Exploding Kittens Party Pack, Call to Adventure, Clank!, and Splendor. These are pictured. I am still waiting for One Deck Dungeon, Root, Love Letter, and the LoW expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport to be restocked in the store."
Emily S. - July Winner Of $500 Board Game Sweepstakes!
"They finally arrived! It was like Christmas in July! Thank you so much. We are going to have a blast playing them all. And three were pre-orders so we can expect another surprise in the mail at the end of the month! "
Scott S. - Winner Of "Spirit Island"
"It was so SO exciting to win Spirit Island giveaway from Unbox & Game. We've never won anything before,
so this was just silly fun. And it was so exciting waiting for the game to come! And then it really did!! =D
Additionally, we now have some very sweet swag to show off at game nights -- PerplePeepleMeeple Unite!
Very nice quality ts, and the lapel pin is a nice touch. 
Looking forward to reading the rules of Spirited Away. Next up: War and Peace."

Check out our Spirit Island winner from New York, New York. We also hooked up Scott with an original "Unbox & Game" T shirt. Plus, he decided to splurge and get a "Purple Meeple" shirt to complete the look!
Spencer H. - Winner Of "Scythe"
"I'm now a proud owner of this amazing game thanks to a giveaway from Unbox & Game. Who wants to play???"

Check out our Scythe winner from Chicago, Illinois. We also hooked up Spencer with an original "Unbox & Game" T shirt.

Eric C. - Winner Of "Terraforming Mars"
"This was a real "press my luck" win, as I had just pledged the Kickstarter expansion without picking up the base game, hoping to pick it up on sale near the delivery date. Unbox & Game helped me win it all, at the best price possible--free (with a nifty bonus tee)!

Thank you!."

Check out our Terraforming Mars winner from Lisle, Illinois. We also hooked up Eric with an original "Unbox & Game" T shirt too!
Brandon T. - Winner Of "Great Western Trail"
Check out our Great Western Trail winner, Brandon from Tennessee. As you can see Brandon won "Great Western Trail", but is a little shy and didn't want to show off the free shirt we sent him as well.
Kevin G. - Winner Of "Trekking The National Parks"
Here is Kevin, from New Jersey, showing off his brand new copy of Trekking The National Parks board game he won and looking good in our original "Unbox & Game" shirt!
Danny S. - Winner Of "Pandemic"
"Winning this giveaway was the best news I had in awhile and it being told to me on the 4th of July was the one-two punch to get the holiday into motion. A classic game I was missing from my shelves, Unboxandgame is legit and they spread the love around in our hobby!"

Danny, from Austin, TX, showing off a very impressive board game collection and our original "Unbox & Game" shirt!

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Can I really win $1,000 worth of board games?
ABSOLUTELY! We've already given away multiple games. You can see a few of our previous winners above. Our sweepstakes are overseen by America's premier sweepstakes firm who handles the entries and random selection of the winner. In order to have this sweepstakes we have to guarantee the delivery of a prize to a winner.
Do I need a membership?
The membership is a great option for someone who wants to take advantage of all the VIP membership benefits, such as automatic entry into all of our giveaways. If you just want to enter the sweepstakes one time and don't want a small monthly charge, you can visit our online store and as a bonus, get one entry into the sweepstakes for every dollar spent! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning. You have equal chance to win without purchase. Please see the Official Rules for complete details.
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A VIP Gift Card code will be emailed to you after you sign up for a membership. Your VIP Gift Card can be used for anything in our store, which can be found by clicking here. Your VIP Gift Card does not expire and any unused balance will rollover every month and be combined with your next month's VIP Gift Card. An example would be that if you are a Platinum VIP Member and have an unused $15 VIP Gift Card and do not use it, it will rollover and be worth $30 in the 2nd month you are an active VIP Member.
How is the winner notified?
Once the sweepstakes firm randomly chooses a winner we will call and email the winner to arrange delivery of prize.
How can I contact you?
The best way to contact us is via email: We are a small company, but do our best to reply to all inquiries in a timely fashion.
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